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Multiple alternate formulas are available for most original automotive colors.  Automobile manufacturers have variations in colors on their vehicles from the factory.  The vehicles are built at different plants with batches of paint from various suppliers. 

We have many resources available to obtain the best match to your vehicle.

  • We have alternate decks of sprayed color to compare to your vehicle with PPG.
  • We use your VIN number along with the paint code to match with Axalta.
  • We can computer match your custom color to obtain a blendable match.
  • We can also hand tint your color for a closer match than the computer provides.

Computer Matching

  • Available for most types of automotive paint.
  • Computer match is generally a blendable match.
  • The computer does not provide a match that can be panel painted.
  • There is an additional $25.00 charge for this service to match your custom color.

Hand Tinting

  • This is if you require a match closer than the computer provides.
  • We can computer match and then hand tint your color to improve match.
  • You need to leave your sample so we can work on it at our convenience.
  • There is an additional $50.00 charge to computer and hand tint.